Arabi Kandoora - Colour correction required

Arabi Kandoora - Colour correction required

AED 400.00


Create a traditional look with this elegant Kandura, crafted to add sophistication and glamour to an ordinary day. Features the classic Arab style Kandura in a traditional white color, with side pockets, tassels, and a matte finish. Made with rich, luxurious, soft polyester fabric that is known for its durability and level of comfort, it is perfect for day and night occasions.

It is the Kandura that every clothing enthusiast dreams of – impeccable fitting, exquisitely finished, traditionally constructed; the bespoke Kandura at its very best. Crafted in a superior quality fabric giving the wearer a royal feel while meeting your everyday tasks confidently in style.

Material: Micro Fiber (100% Polyester Micro Fiber 120 Gram m2)

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