There are kanduras and there are Meemo kanduras.

We are a brand for the discerning. For the classicly cool. For the smart and the stylish. For the progressive professional. From our catalogue of the finest fabrics, to the expert craftsmanship of our tailors and intuitive ordering process, we are refined, distinct and smooth, right down to the very last stitch.

Those who know, know. They wear Meemo kanduras because they recognize quality, appreciate subtle styling and value convenience.

Meemo is revolutionizing the Gulf Arab fashion landscape. Gone are the days of choosing between quality and convenience because we bring you the ease of online shopping without the worrying vagaries of feel and style.


By enhancing the way you select your kandura and the customization choices you have. By elevating the creation of perfectly-fitting garments to an art-form. By excelling in providing a speedy, streamlined shopping experience. By evolving tradition with traveling tailors that measure you at home or in the office and an innovative website that allows a virtual, visual trial prior to purchase.

Meemo makes the ordinary and everyday into something personal and unique. Meemo makes the best kandura in your closet.