A Beginners Guide To Buying Kandora

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Are you buying kandora for the very first time? Do not worry, we have got you covered. There are plenty of factors to consider while choosing the ideal kandora, such as the kandora shop, stitching, material, fit, length, color, and accessory options.  

Here's a brief look at a guide to buying Kandora for first timers. 

What should you look for when getting a customized Kandora from kandora shops in Dubai?

First and foremost, Kandora comes in a variety of styles. The Arabic kandora, for instance, is by far the most popular in the United Arab Emirates. When getting a customized kandora, fabric quality, accurate body measurements, and the quality of the finishing are some of the important factors to consider. 

When it comes to choosing the color, there are many colors available but  white appears to be the most common. Now, you must be thinking, "Why is that so?" Because of the country's tribal and religious history, white is the most favored color. It's also a great color for cooling off in the summer. 

During the winter, guys prefer to wear darker hues and heavier fabrics. In the winter, dark colors like blue, brown, gray, and copper are fashionable, while in the summer, light hues like yellow, off-white, cream, and ivory are prominent.

The idea is to adapt the colors to the purpose of the kandora. When purchasing a kandora from kandora shops in Dubai for a traditional event, use plain white. When buying from any Kandora shop for more casual situations, though, you'll probably be able to experiment a little more.

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This is also a good practice to check at the thickness of the material. A near-transparent white kandora isn't going to make you look particularly sophisticated or elegant.We suggest you opt for synthetic fabrics such as polyester & microfiber. Some natural fabrics are also highly popular, including 100% pure cotton & Egyptian cotton. 

Since each kandora shop typically offers tailored and made-to-measure, choosing the right one is crucial. 

What accessories can be added to the kandora?

Buy Kandura Online | Meemo

You may pair up the typical white kandora with a head scarf which is typically available at any kandora shop. However, you must be cautious in your selections. 

As for other accessories, wearing black footwear with a white kandora does not look well. The same may be said about baseball caps and other related items.

Opt for something a little more refined. A well-fitted suit jacket, and a fine watch, can complement your kandora well. Generally, it's better to order matching accessories for your Kandora dress online.

How would you choose the ghotra's design and color to complement your kandora?

 If you check Kandora dress online, you’ll get to see both plain & patterned kandora. Well, both of these are chosen to match or enhance the kandora's color, which ranges from cooler blue white to warmer white. Patterns are also important. However, it's primarily a fine balance between traditions and individual preferences.

What do most people prefer?

As stated earlier, Arabic kandora, a very famous style among UAE nationals and even expats who have embraced the traditional garb prefer this. So if you are at a kandora shop in Dubai, you will find most people opting for Arabi Kandora.