How to style up Kandora

Saudi Kandora | Meemo

Each country has its own style, from Saudi Arabia's high necklines and fitted  kandora to Oman's crocheted motifs or the Emirati kandora's free cuts and different colors.

The Arabic Kandura is the traditional dress of the UAE for men, with no collar, a long hanging tassel in the front, and matching embroidery on the sleeves. Emirati men commonly wear the white and red ghutra under the ebony tassel-bound agal that falls over the shoulder. 

People often find it tough to style Saudi kandora & if you are one of them, we have got you covered. Here are some styling tips for kandora wearers. 

What are some Arabic Kandora Styling tips for wearers?

The truth about fashion is that it follows a cyclical pattern, and the more stunning the transformation, the quicker the trend fades. The alterations with the Arabic kandora are extremely subtle. Styles of stitching, hidden fasteners, zippers, and fabrics.  

Men nowadays wear caps and leather shoes with their Saudi  kandora dress. They use cufflinks as a statement piece. The art of self-expression is still alive and well, but it is more restrained and, dare we say, mannerly. 

Kandura Shops in Dubai continue to favor the traditional and conventional kandora, although men in other GCC nations have begun to come up with new styles.

If you are living in UAE & looking for some styling tips for Arabic kandors , here’s what you can style up your kandora with;

1. Have a look around

It's time to bring up your fashion sense with a fresh set of attention-getting shoes. You can make a balance by choosing a piece that is both loud and bright.

2. Invest in a vest.

All you need for a simple swag makeover is traditional ingredients with a modern look. You can consider taking your layers to quite a different level with your audacious fit. Vest are often available with Kandora dress online.

3. Pick Wisely

Want a quick makeover? Simply put on a tailored jacket. With delicate textures and tonal hues, it's something that looks totally different. These tailored jackets can be found when searching for Kandora dress online.

4. A classic spin

Staples are the best way to freshen up your look and are a testament to timeless elegance. Adding a splash of color to your Saudi Kandora wardrobe with a pair of brightly colored sandals is a fantastic option.

Vivid colors and smooth textures can help you achieve the look of a high-end uniform. Although if you don't plan on wearing it, you can always try something similar if the situation calls for it.

5. Opt for seasonal Kandora

When it comes to fabric and color, Kandura Shops in Dubai offer Kanduras to match the season. Summer Kanduras are primarily constructed of a lighter, white-colored fabric. During the winter, darker colored robes, particularly brown and gray, are more popular, as they are constructed of heavier fabric components.

Emirati men frequently own over fifty Arabic Kanduras because they change them during the day to ensure their appearance crease-free and attractive.

For boosting the ante in the game, Grandpa's sweatshirt is your biggest asset. While you're hurrying out the door, a no-fuss wool coat or cardigan over your kandora will suffice