Characteristics To Look Out For An Ideal Thobe

Characteristics To Look Out For An Ideal Thobe
When we think of traditional wear in Dubai or the GCC area, the first thing that comes to mind is the popular thobe for men. The thobe is known by a variety of names, including kandura, kameez, as well as dishdasha, to mention a few. The names may vary, but they always feature long sleeves resembling a long cloak or gown. Let us take a look at a few characteristics of a perfect thobe.


An excellent thobe is one that is made up of about 80% polyester as well as 20% cotton. Since it is light and enables for the optimum flow of heat and air, this combination is ideal. Furthermore, since it folds readily, this fabric is very simple to transport. Even if it's wrinkled, you could iron it with ease.


A perfect thobe extends all the way up to the ankles. The easiest method to find a thobe that fits is to measure yourself from the shoulders towards the ankles. If your thobe is smaller than this, it is most likely not the appropriate outfit for you!


A perfect thobe is really not transparent. The fabric is both thick and sharp. Wearing transparent clothing is usually frowned upon, therefore the fabric of the garment should be thick while still being pleasant to wear.


While wearing a thobe, you surely have to follow certain rules to respect the culture and tradition, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep it stylish. While attending parties or formal events, you could consider jazzing up your thobe with beautiful accessories or you could stitch pop hooks to the collar and embellish it with embroidery.

Pocket Placement

A perfect thobe should include side pockets on both sides, a chest pocket, and, if feasible, a separate interior pocket. This is a bonus since you can simply carry your belongings in the supplied pockets.

Appropriate Embellishments

There is a wide range of designer thobes on the market. Some are embellished with embroidered work, while others are embellished with stones or sequins. However, when choosing a thobe, take special care to ensure that no gold is used in the ornamentation.


Many of us are perplexed when it comes to selecting the right thobe. Make sure that the one you select has all of the above-mentioned characteristics. The thobe’s available nowadays are not only modest but also trendy and elegant! So, if you’re looking for an ideal, yet stylish thobe, head on to Meemo today!